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Let’s look at the benefits of getting a straighter smile through orthodontic care.

Orthodontic treatment is used to treat bad bites. Bad bites occur when the teeth are too crowded or crooked, or when the top and bottom jaws don’t line up correctly. Some people inherit these problems genetically, others experience oral injury, mistimed tooth loss, or adverse effects of thumb-sucking.

Braces or other orthodontic care can correct the damage done by malocclusion, as well as help stave off further dental damage in the future. If you choose not to correct a bad bite, you will likely continue to experience problems, such as:

-tooth loss
-affected speaking
-gum disease
-jaw problems
-difficulty chewing
-uneven wear on tooth enamel

Luckily, orthodontic treatment can help prevent these problems. Orthodontic care can begin at any age after 8 years old. Though typically associated with teen and pre-teen years, you can receive orthodontic treatment as an adult. Adult orthodontic care is becoming more and more popular, as treatment options become more discreet and orthodontia becomes more socially acceptable for people over 18.

Depending on how severe the corrections needed, and which treatment options are available, treatment will usually take 1-3 years. This will be followed by a period of time wearing a retainer, to make sure your teeth remain in place.

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