Routine Care and Maintenance for Your New Set of Braces

The new set of braces installed in your mouth by are designed to effectively realign your teeth for a functional mouth and a more appealing smile. With a few minor changes to your everyday habits and a diligent oral hygiene routine, can help minimize the amount of time you need to wear braces. If any… Read more »

Teen Dental Care Suggestions

As a teen, smile health and appearance are important, which is why our team is happy to give you the tips you need to succeed! The more you care about your oral health, the higher your chances are of achieving your smile goals. So, to finally reach the results you’re looking for, Dr. recommends that… Read more »

Invisalign is a Convenient Way to Improve Your Smile

Invisalign is a convenient way to improve minor alignment issues with your teeth. The aligners are made from a durable, clear plastic, that is hard for the casual observer to notice. The process begins with your dentist or orthodontist examining your mouth and taking a few X-rays. This helps both of you to define your… Read more »

Causes and Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

The complex ball and socket temporomandibular joints, known as TMJ hinge your jaw. They enable you to open your mouth, speak and make certain facial expressions. These joints that work together with a series of muscles and ligaments. In between each ball and socket joint there is a small disk of cartilage that provides a… Read more »