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It’s a common concern for the parents of a teenager, to wonder if their child needs braces. In fact, braces can be used to address and correct any number of alignment problems. There is no ideal age to have braces installed. The common logic is to wait until all of your child’s permanent teeth have emerged.

As baby teeth are lost and replaced by adult teeth, they can often come in out of alignment or in poor relationship to each other. This often results in overcrowding or excessive spacing of teeth in certain areas of their mouth.

This is even more likely if your child had a baby tooth that was decayed or damaged and needed to be extracted. Other alignment issues can be a result of much earlier issues related to thumb sucking or prolonged use of pacifier during your child’s formative years.

Problems with an over-bite or under-bite, known as malocclusion can also be addressed by braces. When the top teeth extend too far out it is called over-bite. When the lower jaw extends too far out it is called under-bite.

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