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Are you ready to receive the most out of your smile as possible? If your oral health care routine is going along smoothly, the next task to consider is correcting any misalignments that may exist in your smile, preferably with a set of orthodontic braces.

Braces make teeth straighter. The benefits of orthodontic braces include the following:

– With braces, all the anxiety and stress that is connected with crooked teeth can be washed away with straighter teeth.
– Braces can straighten teeth and potentially reinvigorate various mouth functions such as eating and speaking skills that have been affected by misaligned teeth.
– When teeth are crooked and out of alignment, unprompted chips and fractures in your teeth are more common. Decrease this risk with orthodontic braces.
– Oral health disorders such as TMD and bruxism can be treated with the assistance of braces.
– Crooked teeth have more hidden areas and are often more difficult to clean and care for than teeth that have been repaired by braces.

If you think your oral health care could use a little extra work and you would like to have a professional exam from our team at Hennes Orthodontics, simply book an appointment with Dr. Jerrold Hennes and the rest of our team at our orthodontic office in Vista, California, by calling us at (760) 598.1707. Come in today, and show off your straighter smile soon!