Your straightening treatment can be completed more quickly than ever because we offer PROPEL orthodontics at Hennes Orthodontics. Dr. Jerrold Hennes uses this system because it increases tooth movement by stimulating jaw bone tissue. If you want to have a shorter treatment, then call our orthodontist about PROPEL in Vista, California.

Having a new, straight smile doesn’t happen overnight. Shifting your teeth into a healthier position involves their movement in the jaw, pushing through and rebuilding bone tissues. This is a slow process, and it may take as long as three years to complete for some patients. However, we can cut treatment time in half when using the PROPEL orthodontic system.

Alveocentesis is the process used for PROPEL. It involves stimulation to jaw bone production, helping teeth to shift faster and the bone surrounding them to heal more quickly. PROPEL just takes a few minutes to complete and it can be done with any orthodontic treatment, whether you have traditional braces or Invisalign®. This system can not only make your treatment up to 50% faster, but it can also make it more comfortable with fewer office appointments. Contact our dental team if you would like to learn more about the benefits of PROPEL orthodontics.