At Hennes Orthodontics, we use the most up-to-date technology in diagnosing and planning treatment for our patients. This includes a computer system for pre-treatment diagnosis and progress treatment analysis.

Dr. Jerrold Hennes and our team use the finest quality and safest appliances available, designed to minimize the pressure on teeth while still achieving an excellent rate of tooth movement. Along with metal braces, we have nearly invisible braces made out of porcelain. In addition, colors may be added to the braces to make them special. No recycled braces are used.

Both of our orthodontic offices in Vista and Poway, California, are theme-based and kid-friendly. Shadowridge Orthodontics has superhero murals while Pomerado Orthodontics is full of fun movie memorabilia. There are even play areas, TVs, and snack stations in our offices, so we encourage you to bring the entire family for your visits. We have a very high standard of sterilization to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. Our techniques are used by just a few discriminating orthodontists in the state of California.

We heat, sterilize and bag our instruments, so sealed bags are brought to the orthodontic chair for treatment and only opened when ready for patient use. You are welcome to see how we treat sterilization for the orthodontic patient.

Fees are individualized to the requirements of each patient. Treatment times range from one to three years. Treatment fees are based on treatment difficulty and treatment time. We tailor a payment plan to meet your needs. Most insurance is accepted. Call us today if you would like to learn more about our orthodontic offices.