In certain cases, our orthodontist may recommend temporary anchorage devices (TADs), also known as orthodontic mini implants. This innovative orthodontic technology is effective in aligning teeth for superior results by combining traditional orthodontics with implant technology. TADs are small titanium screws that are temporarily inserted into your bone between the roots of the teeth to enhance orthodontic anchorage. TADs may be used to overcome the limitations patients may experience with headgear or holding arches, and TADs can help carefully perform difficult tooth movements.

There is minimal or no discomfort when having a TAD inserted because the bone tissue does not have nerve endings. A local anesthesia is used to ensure a comfortable and relaxing treatment. In most cases, we can insert the TAD in only one appointment at our office.

TADs can speed along braces treatment and help to avoid the need for jaw surgery. TADs also offer an option to move just one or several teeth without the need for a full set of braces. Our orthodontist will monitor your TAD to determine how long it should remain in your mouth. To learn more about TADs and how a temporary anchorage device can help improve the success of your orthodontic treatment, we invite you to contact our office today.