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When you’re traveling for the holidays, you need to keep your smile in mind. Little did you know, there are many things that can harm your braces while you’re visiting loved ones. So, to help you keep your braces in tip-top shape while you’re on the road, our orthodontist, Dr. Jerrold Hennes, has some tips for you.

-Keep up on oral hygiene: Oral hygiene is very important when it comes to taking care of your braces, so make sure to brush after each time you eat, and floss regularly. In order to do these things, you can’t forget to pack your oral hygiene tools.

-Reschedule your adjustment appointment: If you’re out of town when you’re due for your next adjustment appointment, then it’s best to reschedule it sooner rather than later. Letting us know as soon as possible will make our team’s job easier and it can allow us to choose an appointment time that is right for you.

-Stay away from braces-harming foods: As you travel, you might be tempted to eat popcorn, caramel, taffy, apples, and other braces-harming foods. You need to resist! If you eat these foods and break your appliance, you could drift off the right path toward your perfect smile.

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