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Over time several lifestyle factors can influence the health and function of your oral structure. Sometimes a past dislocation of the jaw, chronic tension from grinding your teeth at night, or inflammation in the temporomandibular joints can cause significant discomfort.

This can sometimes manifest as a pain in front of the ears or temples, as well as mild pain when biting down. Sometimes a problem with the temporomandibular joints can also cause a persistent ache in the joints, uncomfortable clicking, or an alarming lockup of one the joints.

These symptoms are commonly associated with TMJ disorder. Left untreated symptoms can worsen to have an adverse effect on your oral function and overall quality of life.

It’s best to catch it early, through professional diagnosis from an orthodontic specialist like Dr. Jerrold Hennes. Once he assesses the severity of the TMJ disorder and any contributing factors, he can help you understand the most applicable method for treating it.  

This might involve eating a diet based on soft foods, taking anti-inflammatory medications, using hot or cold packs to soothe jaw muscles. In some cases, basic facial stretches, and wearing a dental guard in your mouth can also be beneficial.

Should you continue to struggle with TMJ disorder symptoms he might recommend more advanced and invasive treatments to address latent symptoms.

If you live in the Vista, California, area and you have noticed the early signs of TMJ disorder, you should call (760) 598.1707 to seek professional diagnosis and treatment at Hennes Orthodontics’s orthodontic clinic.