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Your child’s consistent adjustment appointments with Dr. Jerrold Hennes will properly correct the alignment of their teeth. Once this is done, they can be removed. But that doesn’t mean the work is done. There will still be some residual tension in your child’s dental sockets. If not treated, this tension could allow their teeth to gradually drift out of their new position, undoing much of the work that was done.

To prevent this from occurring, Dr. Jerrold Hennes will need to fit your child for a retainer. Hawley retainers are the most common, composed of a thin piece of dental acrylic molded to fit the shape of your son or daughter’s mouth. It is removable, but it secures to their teeth with a set of sturdy wires.
A clear plastic retainer is common for those who have used Invisalign®.

If one area needs significant realignment Dr. Jerrold Hennes might install a fixed retainer. This is a rigid metal band that Dr. Jerrold Hennes cements behind their teeth with a special dental glue.

If your child is ready to have their braces removed at Hennes Orthodontics in Vista, California and you have a question about retainers, please call (760) 598.1707 to speak to a staff member at our orthodontic office.