At Hennes Orthodontics, we make sure that your airway is properly developed for correct breathing through our airway-centered treatment. Our orthodontist provides a wide variety of solutions that improve your breathing and jaw position so you don’t have to suffer from bruxism, sleep disordered breathing, craniofacial disorders, ARCD, or other related conditions. Contact Dr. Jerrold Hennes to learn more about our airway-centered treatment in Vista, California.

The correct development of your airway and nasal passage is a crucial element for good health. When you breathe easily and naturally, then you can sleep well, feel better, and have improved overall health. However, sometimes the position or shape of a person’s mouth, jaw, and even their teeth inhibit how they breathe, which can cause problems to develop like sleep disordered breathing, ADHD, bruxism, TMJ disorder, etc.

At our practice, we offer airway-centered treatment so our patients can breathe more naturally in all they do. We improve breathing by correcting dental crowding, treating snoring or TMJ disorder with oral appliances, altering the shape of the mouth with palatal expanders, or changing the position of the jaw with orthognathic surgery. Both adults and growing children can breathe more naturally and experience improved health when they visit us for airway-centered treatment.