For most people, dental maintenance, good dental hygiene, and maybe a few other procedures, is enough to ensure good tooth, bone, and jaw health. However, there are those patients who need more in-depth treatment, and possibly surgery, to sufficiently repair their dental health. For people with jaw and bone deformities, Dr. Jerrold Hennes may suggest orthognathic (jaw) surgery in Vista, California.

Orthognathic surgery is used to repair face and jaw deformities that are too severe for correction with orthodontic braces alone. Some of these conditions include growth and structure problems created by TMJ, sleep apnea, and malocclusion issues, such as overbite, under bite and cross bite. In some cases, this form of corrective surgery is used to treat cleft palate.

The exact surgical process is unique for each patient, but in most cases, the bones of the jaw and face are repositioned into a natural position to eliminate the deformity. The bone is held in place with screws and plates to stabilize the correction or corrections.

The orthognathic surgery team is usually comprised of an orthodontist, maxillofacial surgeon, and ENT specialists. We use high-tech digital software to show the patient and family the expected outcome from the procedure, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. This process serves as a treatment guideline, as well as to explain the surgery fully to the patient.

In addition to correcting the jaw and bone dysfunction, orthognathic surgery often resolves a multitude of symptoms for the patient. These include improving the face’s profile, reducing the effects of sleep apnea, and allowing for more comfortable chewing and improved speech.

Not everyone will require surgery such as this. Most patients are able to receive treatment using orthodontics alone. Schedule a consultation to visit Hennes Orthodontics and learn what the most effective treatment plan is for you.