Palatal expanders help our orthodontist treat crowding and crossbites in our young patients. As your child’s jaw develops, our orthodontist may determine that your child’s palate needs expanding to accommodate their permanent teeth and to correct their bite. Palatal expanders can either be fixed so that they remain in the mouth at all times throughout treatment, or removable. Removable expanders may facilitate greater convenience when eating and when brushing teeth, but can also be forgotten. We can help you determine which treatment option is optimal for your child.

It may take a couple days for your child to get used to wearing their expander. This is not unusual. There is typically some mild discomfort or pressure when the expander is first activated, but this tends to go away within a couple minutes. Your child may need to eat softer foods for the first day or two while they get used to wearing an expander, but most of our patients are eating normal foods again within a day or two. We recommend avoiding sticky foods that could become stuck to the appliance.

We are pleased to provide expanders are part of our comprehensive services at Hennes Orthodontics. Call the office of Dr. Jerrold Hennes if you would like to learn more about our removable and fixed palatal expanders in Vista, California.