Anterior open-bite correction
Anterior x-bite correction
Overjet correction with removal of two upper teeth
Crowding corrected with expansion

At first glance, the movement of crooked teeth into a beautiful healthy smile may appear like magic. Dr. Hennes uses a series of records, dental and facial measurements, along with growth predictions, to formulate the ideal treatment plan. Each patient is as unique as their treatment plan. All options are presented so the course of action can be mutually agreed upon. Orthodontics is a cooperative effort between the patient and orthodontist. This is how superior healthy smiles are created.


Well-aligned teeth are not only beautiful but promote good health. According to the American Dental Association, crooked and crowded teeth are harder to maintain and keep clean. This may contribute to conditions that cause tooth decay along with gum  disease. Additionally, temporal mandibular dysfunction (TMJ), facial pain, and potential tooth loss can occur. Ideally aligned teeth create a balanced bite, which can reduce stress, headaches, and strain on the supporting bone and tissue. This allows the teeth to last a lifetime.