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As a teen, smile health and appearance are important, which is why our Hennes Orthodontics team is happy to give you the tips you need to succeed! The more you care about your oral health, the higher your chances are of achieving your smile goals. So, to finally reach the results you’re looking for, Dr. Jerrold Hennes recommends that you consider doing the following things:

Align your teeth with orthodontics
Orthodontic treatment not only gives you an attractive smile, but it also improves your oral health. If you have crooked teeth, there are little nooks in your smile that harbor plaque and bacteria. This is extremely dangerous because these areas are difficult to clean. If the plaque and bacteria are not removed on a regular basis, they could easily create tooth decay and gum disease.

Remove your wisdom teeth
Wisdom teeth rarely grow into place without causing any problems, which is why it’s generally recommended to remove the teeth when they start to affect your oral health. Usually, wisdom teeth are associated with pain, infections, tumors, and cysts, and they tend to cause issues by crowding the smile and even becoming impacted. The best thing you can do is talk to your dentist and see if your wisdom teeth need to be removed.

Avoid tobacco products
We all know that smoking is bad for our bodies, which is why it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that it’s also terrible for the oral health. Smoking can cause gum disease and oral cancer, no matter which tobacco product you use. So, please do not use tobacco products and keep your smile in tip-top shape.

If you would like to learn more about aligning your teeth, removing your wisdom teeth, and avoiding tobacco products in Vista, California, please feel free to call (760) 598.1707 today and schedule an appointment with your dentist. Our team will be more than happy to meet with you and give you the information you need to finally achieve the results you’re working toward!